Fearless - The story of a girl who is afraid of nothing

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A journey between real and surreal, told with text and more than 60 images, mostly double page: a girl gets out for a quiet walk in the countryside, but takes the wrong road on coming back home, and ends up into completely different places from the ones she is used to. After waiting for rescue on a desert coast, she decides to find the way back home herself, and starts walking in unknown territories, alone all the time, across such spectacular and unusual landscapes as to wonder if she is still on her planet or somewhere else, and what happened to her world. After encounters with bizarre creatures and an almost supernatural experience between life and death, she ends up into a fairy garden, somehow a Garden of Eden, apparently to stay there for the eternity. Will she find her way back home? Is she going to be the same like before, or is everything going to be much different from what she expected?

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A story told in 132 pages of text and spectacular images of incredible landscapes and bizarre creatures, mostly double page.

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The film from my book (same title: FEARLESS - The story of a girl who is afraid of nothing) has been awarded at the IndieFEST and Accolade Global Film Competition of La Jolla, S. Diego, CA, USA, and at Vegas Movie Awards, Las Vegas, NV, USA, and selected at Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival, Milano, Italy

Here is a trailer of my film FEARLESS:

FEARLESS - The Gallery